And So It Begins..

How does one prepare for life? Life isn’t something you can necessarily predict. Yet, the world seems to think that is true. There is a path, so they say. A path to success. A path to happiness and a full life. There is even a path to love, friends, and one’s place in this world.

What is that path? Who determines it and how do you know if it is right? Here is the secret; no one knows.

I have come from a family of different backgrounds and cultures. This has taught me many  things in life I don’t believe most people even realize. I am Venezuelan by identity and American by culture. I was born in San Cristobal, Venezuela and moved to the United States at the age of 1.

At this point in my life, I don’t know if my “path” is the right one. I mean, who really knows, right? What I do know is why I chose my path and what direction I want to be headed in.

I believe everyone has a story. That story may be tragic, funny, and/or even just downright lucky. Alas, there is story for everyone. My story is, well, complicated. Being born in a different country with a different culture makes my story all the more complex.

To get started, I am a Synchronized Swimmer and have been since the age of 5, yes, 5. This already makes anyone’s story complicated. Not to get into details, but this sport requires an unimaginable amount of hours of training. To say the least, it is not a popular sport and allows it’s select athletes to travel for competition and training across the country and world. It is my life and has always been by choice. This describes most of me.

I am also a family oriented person. Since I am Hispanic, it almost requires me to be. my brother recently overcame a cancerous brain tumor that put my life into perspective. As cliche as it may seem, I decided to pursue what I want out of life because of his inspiration to me.

I’m goal oriented and competitive. My family and sport have taught me to be this way. I don’t think life should be strictly business but it should consist of hard work if it requires. I am here at Lindenwood because it gives me those opportunities to  accomplish these things that I want in life. It allows me to keep my dreams alive. And that’s why I’m a Lindenwood student.