Industry Issues with Facebook

What Articles?

Two articles that I found which had to do with modern day media issues were both stories featured on The Next Web and both related to Facebook and some of their policies including other sub-companies they own. The first article called, Facebook changes the only unique Slingshot feature: You can now send unlocked photos and videos, talks about a sub-company Facebook owns that is trying to compete with the ever-popular app called Snapchat. The second article called, Facebook releases its Privacy Checkup tool for helping users review who they’re sharing with, covers the updated points on Facebook’s privacy policy and how they have helped make it easier for Facebook users to know who sees their profile.

Slingshot- or as Facebook sees it, the new Snapchat

The first original feature of Slingshot that set it apart from any other app was the fact that users had to respond with a picture or video to see what another user had sent to them. Facebook now decided to change this feature and make it optional for the users to send back a picture or video in response, making it possible to see the content even if the user doesn’t respond with something in return. Which, quite frankly makes sense to me why Facebook changed the feature. The feature made the entire app confusing from the beginning. It just doesn’t make sense as to why any user would respond before actually knowing what the content of their ‘friends’ was about in the first place. This change essentially makes it like the competing app Snapchat excluding one feature; which is the fact users can send pictures or videos to one person or to a group/mass of people. As for the amount of seconds the content is shown wasn’t said in the informational video. Yet, all of these changes are important to journalist because these small changes are what make or break certain apps, which in turn decide their success in the future. Apps like Twitter and even Instagram are used in news stories and featured for more information daily. Apps aren’t just something that teenagers use to pass time, they are utensils that journalists can use and reference for stories and use to keep up with what’s going on in the world. Essentially, knowing which apps are being used most and which apps may be on the rise, helps keep journalists in on the loop without putting forth too  much effort.

Do you know your privacy settings?

The new tool that allows for users to go over their privacy policy and make sure everything is in order creates a way for people who don’t know how to handle their page, easier. The tool is supposedly supposed to pop up on every users home page that takes them step by step through the process over making everything is to the users liking. Journalists should pay attention to these changes because most people don’t even know what the privacy policy setting is set to on their Facebook page. News that involves privacy settings anywhere on the internet is something that most people like to hear about, but never really pay attention in the end.

Here’s the video that explains the whole process of checking the Privacy Policy settings for every user. If the user wishes to change and look over their settings later, they can find it under the Privacy shortcut option on the Facebook’s menu bar.


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