Keep the Stories Coming..

Stories, stories, and more stories

After Producing my second week, I definitely went about getting my stories and format differently than before. Yet, the hardest part is definitely finding the stories to begin with. There are a lot of things going on around the world. For example, everything that is happening with Isis in the middle-east. Those are very big stories, especially for journalists regarding the awful beheadings of two journalists already. But these are stories that don’t relate to our community and that some people, frankly, just don’t care about!

Producer day

First story

When it comes to stories, I personally like to cover the most known stories around the country. So when I came across the new IPhone 6 release, it was very easy to choose that story. I originally wanted it to be a package because everyone cares about the new IPhone and it relates to most people. Yet, after going to the mall and shooting the b-roll it became clear that we weren’t supposed to be there. Security came up to me and Ryan who was helping me, and told us that we needed permission to shoot anything in the mall. My interviewee overheard and quickly said something on camera so that I had someone to interview. So if by chance, if that interviewee ever reads this, thank you so much. I wouldn’t have gotten the credit for it if you weren’t quick on your toes! A life-saver you are! So the original package turned into a Vo-Sot with one interview. Lesson learned here: plan ahead, and check if you can shoot in that specific area.

covering real news

My second story came the next news day. I had nothing and couldn’t think of another story that sparked my interest whatsoever. Jill then told me and Mariah about the makeshift memorial that was burned down in Ferguson for Michael Brown and I immediately wanted to cover that story. Mariah came and helped out and we went to the actual street where Michael Brown was shot and his memorial was there fully rebuilt with people standing around and talking or taking pictures. When we got there, it hit me that this story is something very important to the community around the area and we are their voice. I was in a situation that real news reporters encounter on a daily basis and it was scary but very exciting at the same time. Ferguson has been in the news for countless reasons. The sensationalism around the entire situation seems a little overwhelming at times but for someone looking to get into journalism and reporting; it’s crazy that something so big is happening just around the corner from us here at Lindenwood. After getting all of the b-roll needed, someone came up to us and volunteered for an interview which made it about ten times easier than having to ask someone for an interview. The lady we interviewed was very emotional about the whole thing and wanted to have her voice heard. I listened to what she had to say rather than just paying attention to the camera or what I was thinking about. It is probably one of the coolest things I’ve done for LUTV and it will probably always be one of the best things I’ll by chance encounter for a while. To wrap around the story we did a live in the newsroom shot and it worked pretty well and ran pretty smoothly. We did have a few hiccups because the teleprompter in the studio isn’t able to hear what I’m saying. So in that situation it was up to me to memorize the first couple of lines in my story and then go off my scripts from there.

ferguson interview

All in all, I became a real news reporter that day without even expecting it. This lady was able to say something on camera that I wasn’t able to say myself. She made me realize covering these stories give me the power to inform people of important information. It is up to me to deliver that information the correct way and fast so that people are informed about something that might matter to them.

Here’s my package from last weeks newscast as the producer about the Virus in the Midwest.


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