Tragedy with a Story

Lindenwood Mourns

Last Friday, a Lindenwood Student was killed by an accident on the highway. The school was in shock and I had only met the rugby player a handful of times. The name of the student was Charles Labry and he was one of a kind as many people came to tell me over the process of covering this particular story. Coming into my content week I was assigned this story and everything that came along with it. Memorials happened over the weekend, and I wasn’t able to attend those gatherings. Although they had over 200 people who attended some of them, which is pretty insane. Learning how to go about it was something that I definitely didn’t expect to experience here, at least at Lindenwood. Yet, the show must report what is important to our demographic, even when it makes people uncomfortable.

Local News Channels reported on the accident the morning of, but couldn’t name the fatality because his parents hadn’t been informed yet. Friends around campus spread the news quickly and people gathered around the Spellman center in search of answers from anyone who knew what happened. Having been an international student from France, many of the school’s French population were grouped together as well. The problem for me was finding the right people to interview about the entire situation.

This Is Where I Begin

Starting out, charlesI was able to talk to the men’s Head Rugby coach, JD Stephenson. He made it very simple and easy to interview. He was the only interview I could get for Monday’s show since I was set up to interview the University Chaplain later that day and Charles’ friend the day after. So for Monday’s newscast, we aired the Vo-Sot as the lead story since it was so relevant and had such an huge impact on the school. Having that lead story and interviewing the coach made me realize just how big of a story that really was, sitting ontop of my shoulders.

After interviewing the University Chaplain and one of Charles’ teammate/friend, I was able to put the package together. One problem I encountered here was finding the right b-roll to put into the package. It turned out to be fine because I got enough shots on the highway that seemed relevant to the story in general. Yet, showing the public more information about the memorial and things about Charles was were it lacked more specifically. Overall the package turned out great. It was most definitely a learning experience working with such a sensitive yet serious situation that cried for attention. In the end I’m so happy that I was able to report on this incident and be able to voice how Lindenwood and its students were feeling. Talking to his teammate especially, made me realize I am the voice of whoever this story effects whether I like it or not. It’s up to me to decide what angle, what mood, and what perspective to take on it all. It sounds like a load of pressure but really, it’s what I’ve come to love more and more everyday.

Reporting for LUTV News, I’m Dennise Ramirez.

Anchor Day with Lauren Whan :)
Anchor Day with Lauren Whan 🙂

Real World Experiences…

Starting out right

Can’t believe its already halfway through the semester. Our time here at Super Semester has already been one for the books.

Side line What?

Last Saturday I got the pleasure of helping side line report the football game. This game was extra special because our game was nationally televised with the CBS sports network. So instead of being on camera it was with our KCLC Radio Station.

The crowd at the Nationally Televised game
The crowd at the Nationally Televised game

The crowd was huge and the stands were filled because of the nationally televised game. To be a side line reporter you have to listen to the crowd and the players so that you know how they are feeling about the game and what kind of vibes your getting from their spirit. You have to be the “eyes of the field” or so they told me. You tell the audience at home what they wont know since they are not there in person to feel the energy of the stadium and what fills it. We also had some celebrities come and visit on the field as well. There was Pierre Desir, the now NFL Cleveland Brown player drafted from Lindenwood last year. There was also  Sterling Thomas, a former Lindenwood football player as well. It was a great experience and I’m definitely going to be the side line reporter again for all the future games. Being the side line reporter was extremely different than being the anchor for the halftime show because you are face to face with all the action. The ball was literally thrown in my direction! Yet, I think that is what made it all the more exciting. Having to stay on your toes and then keep your head in check while being at a game that is so exciting.

Meeting the governor

Monday when I came into the newsroom, I had no idea what to do. I got a Vo-Sot done for the newscast that day but then I had nothing else to do. So Jill found out that the Governor of Missouri was going to have a press conference at the Boeing headquarters. So Ryan and I went and covered it, I was there to just help and get hours for it. Also to see the Governor in person!! That’s not an everyday thing.

At the Press Conference

Many important people were there and it was definitely different than most shoots I’ve been to during the course of super semester. We are right beside all the major news channels covering this story which was pretty exciting. Everyone was so professional and seemed to know what they were doing. It is then that I realized Super Semester has given me an experience that I probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

don’t forget the Vo’s

VO are something everyone almost always looks over. It’s just simple video that plays as the talent reads behind it. The only thing the camera man has to do is cut it all together in a sensible order. Yet, that is exactly what I forgot to do. The VO’s.

Lesson learned?

Social Media consumption and Management styles

What is it with Social Media?

As you scroll through social media without even thinking about it; Have you ever stopped to think about who manages them and how much work it actually takes? Probably not. Social Media is an outlet used in your leisurely time, when you want to not think about something or better yet, someone. An article I found helps take us through A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager.

who knew?

Social Media managers vary in many different forms. It can be something you do that takes up little time that in turn allows you to wear several other hats. Or there is the option of making it a full time job. My point is, not too many people realize social media management is a real thing. Social media doesn’t just appear on its own and update on its own. It takes real time and real people to understand and think of creative ways to get to more people than before. Something that didn’t surprise me is the amount of time spent blogging and searching for updates with anything new in the media. Simple things like tweeting and checking local news needs to be put into the schedule because those are important things to do. People want to know what’s going on. Journalists who are interested in having a say in some form of social media should definitely look over this article and familiarize themselves with the daily tasks that are required.

News consumption practices

We may not realize it or do it consciously, but we have evolved the way we receive and perceive the news. We consume it in rates faster, wider, and extremely different than ever before. The article 16 Reason why this will change the how you look at new consumption makes you think about how you really consume the news you do and why. First thing the article does is call out other consumption researches and how they assumed people were telling the truth and completely understood the ways they consumed media. The article then goes on to cite other researches done that do it the right way, like including the news you scroll through when you’re bored at work. All of those little things count as news consumption.

6 Tasks Every Social Media Manager Should Daily Perform

Sounds simple; but it’s not. As the video points out, most people assume a position as a social media manager is easy. It deserves more credit than given because it takes a lot more time and effort than the false stereotype. Managers should be ready to do a variety of different things to fulfill the job of a social manager.

how does this apply to class

From my experience journalists don’t realize that social media is an option after studying mass communication. As the news media keeps evolving we find ourselves getting news from even social media outlets. Everything will be relevant and social media is becoming a huge factor in the future for journalists and mass communication majors across the world.