Getting it Right

Looking back, I realize that I am exactly where I set out to be. I started working for LUTV my junior year. It was under some unwanted circumstances but I was happy to take a job that was in the field of work I was aiming for. Getting into the studio I quickly realized how fast paced the entire environment was. It was a completely different world. People were constantly running around and trying to finish up things before it was too late. Any help that I could offer was greatly appreciated. So, I had to learn quick. The most I would do is man a camera. There were days I had no idea what was going on. For those who aren’t in News, there is slang used for just about everything and all of those letters mean something very specific. Although I speak two languages, I wasn’t prepared for this. There was a special day where they made me floor director but the show bombed and I’m pretty sure most of the reason was because they had no direction. Anyways, that is where I decided to take Super Semester. It is there where I knew what I wanted to do. What really got me was the sense of purpose these people had. They knew what they were doing, even if they were unsure of their product, it all meant something. They are informants, they are the messengers, and they are reporters.

Newsroom Shot. Working Hard!
Newsroom Shot. Working Hard!

This past week has been eye opening. I guess more in a self reflective way. The first time doing sports and weather wasn’t one of my greatest works. Weather has always been a struggle for me in particular. I just don’t understand how someone can multi-task to a point where they are looking at the screen behind them, waving their arms in a coherent manner, reading the teleprompter, all while making sense, and smiling while they’re at it. It’s mind blowing to me. Sports for LUTV seems to be the blue headed syndrome. You talk straight for about 2 minutes and try to take breaths in between. People who talk really fast find Sports to be one of the hardest things for them to do. The thing I’ve realized is that I feel more comfortable being uncomfortable, if that makes any sense. I know where my head is at and I see the product that I am aiming for.

Weather for the Second Time
Weather for the Second Time

I was really lucky with the timing I had for the weather. A cold front was coming our way that had the infamous drastic temperature changes for Missouri. yet, this one seemed outrageous that had the weather starting out the week at nearly 70 degrees and finishing the week with snow fall. So it was a big weather day to say the least. Something we did that was completely different was adding a section in the A Block to talk about the weather before the weather forecast. So instead of just having the weather tease and the weather forecast, I was given an extra segment in the beginning as well. One thing I am trying to work on is hand movement and believing what I am saying. This made a huge difference in the presentation of everything I did. Seeing the final product, even the unedited version is what I saw myself doing two years before. Only this time, it was good. It was more than good, it was great. I am proud of where I have gotten to but by no means is it where I want it to end. I still have a lot to learn in this field of work and that takes experience and time. That’s the only way to get it right.

As a side note, football season is over and that means so is sidelining football as well. my last game working for football was a great one. Even thought the team was losing it was up to me to find stories on the field to talk about and keep the energy alive. There may or may not be some sideline footage on my demo reel coming up next week. Next stop; Basketball Season!

Here is the link to a Food Truck Event I was able to cover for LUTV News.


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