Maybe You Shouldn’t Press That Tweet Button just Yet..

In the wake of all the violence and everything that is happening Ferguson it is hard not to wonder how and why it got to be so big. It should not be and won’t all be blamed on the media because it isn’t just them who are to blame here. Yes; there is a real underlying problem african-american minorities are facing here in the states. It wasn’t until most international student got to the US that they really understood the meaning of racism. Even in my home country, Venezuela, we don’t differentiate by color but by social standings. That is another problem on it’s own.

The point being, media and the news shouldn’t be singled out in this equation. Social media and the power that is provides to everyday people are what help to make this problem bigger and keep on getting bigger as time goes on.

An Article with the Washington Post helps explain how this is possible. They studied the effect of social media for over a year and how it is able to influence people in more ways than one. One of those being the urge to join in protest.

We are all not ignorant as to all the violence and damage that Ferguson has suffered over the course of the past 5 months. It is heartbreaking to see a town full of such potential being ruined by chaos and senseless looting over a problem much bigger than they realize to be.

Social Media has something news can never truly outbeat and that’s speed. Everything is updated second by second. It’s true even news media journalists rely on social media outlets to find out the latest news the quickest because that is where it will most likely be.

There’s no doubt that social media is able to influence our decisions, when it comes to protesting and getting involved especially with things like that of Ferguson. The real question is how and why it does?

Another article from Law Street Media talks about the same issues and how social media is a huge factor in how everything plays out in the end.

The real speech is that social media has become an outlet to just say whatever comes to people’s minds first and who will get the greatest reaction out of it. News should be about what is really going on and not gathering the opinions of people who may or may not know the entire story that was going on. Regardless, social media has a time and place for things. If we don’t want them to have an effect of the outcome of important cases like that of Ferguson then we need to see the difference between when it is appropriate and when it isn’t.

Who knows if that will ever actually be an option for people. People do after all love and good show and the more dramatic the better. Stl post dispatch had covered a lot of important issues that have come up because of Ferguson and now they are being looked at nationally because of how well they did in the coverage of it all.

Tweeting doesn’t always hurt people.. it can help too.

For those wanting to hear more about what CBS has to say about the situation in Ferguson, click here to watch their video on Youtube.


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