Charles Labry Death

This story was published for LUTV News…

Lindenwood University suffered a tragic loss as a student athlete was killed last October. Teammates, faculty and friends tell us how they are coping with the sudden death of their friend.


Early Friday morning of October 17th, Charles Labry was killed as he was hit by two cars on I-70.

Police say Labry was trying to cross the highway when the accident happened. He was a rugby player for the Lindenwood Lions as well as an international student from France.

Head coach of men’s rugby, JD Stephenson tells us how Lindenwood has been very supportive throughout it all.

“I think firstly we would like to thank the Lindenwood family. All students, faculty, staff members that have been great during these troubling times. Just the out poor of kind of love and respect that Charles commanded has been great.”

The tragedy struck the hearts of many. His memorial service gathered more than 200 people on the football field. Labry’s teammate Christopher Reed says he will be missed in more ways than one.

Labry's Teammate
Labry’s Teammate

“Charles was just a really funny happy guy, always knew how to lift people up and he was always there. Always gave people rides whenever needed, he’s just a good funny French guy.”

Labry was quite the character. Yet as students and faculty may grieve his death, University chaplain Timothy Butler from the student life and leadership offices told us how they may be able to help anyone through some difficult emotions.

“I think since it is a shock and no one was expecting this to happen, each of us is going to be in a different place. Some people need to talk right away, some people just need to process. You might have a group of friends that are around you right now but as the days roll on and continues to eat at you that may be the time you realize you might need to talk about it.”

The rugby team honored Charles in their game against Davenport Saturday the 19TH. If you or anyone you know if struggling to cope, make an appointment with the student life and leadership offices by e-mail or by calling in.

Memorial Match Times
Memorial Match Times

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