It Is Just the Beginning

Wow. Hard to believe Super Semester is actually over. Not to be completely nostalgic but it did pass by a lot quicker than I thought possible. These past two weeks here at LUTV has flown by with every new project that I finish. Before I knew it I had anchored four times and done every other position at least once so that I knew what there was to expect. I also learned a lot while being in Super Semester… that goes from learning technicalities to learning how to work with my fellow classmates around me. It was by no means easy. But nevertheless.. it was fun.

News isn’t something you can sort of like and choose as a career path. You have to love it to do well and not get frustrated so easily. I learned that News has to be done correctly. If you do something, people are always there ready to critique your work in every way possible. It is up to you to make good content that is done correctly including the information said and shown to the public. That is something our teacher Jill emphasized, even while writing stories for our writing labs. The smallest details make a big difference in the end.

USA Synchro Package on the Chroma

That’s another big lesson; details matter. Not only does it matter, it is what makes the story go from an average one to a great one. It can be the Nat Sound before a package runs, or a tight shot that really consumes the audience, or the way the stand-up is shot so that it creates a different perspective. Those details are what separate a great reporter from every other reporter. Those details are lead by the love of the news and news coverage. Mistakes are hard to forget in this cruel world we live in that of the News.

For my last week at LUTV I was able to profile someone on my swim team that just recently made the US Synchronized Swimming National Team that is the hopeful team for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. This story I was able to really take a look at what I’ve learned over the course of this semester and just slow everything down so that I could really create some good content. The color came easier, the set-up came easier and all of my shots seemed to work out the way I wanted them to. I took my time to set everything up and really plan out what I wanted the story to convey. It also helped that my teammate is very easy going and let me shoot anything I needed of her to tell the story correctly. A dedicated swimmer isn’t hard to make a good story on, and that’s exactly how it turned out. All of the shots and even my last minute stand-up before we were kicked out of the pool turned out to be one of my best packages.

The next big step is getting better individual content for my demo reel, publishing my personal website and finally getting all my Graduate School Applications in. The deadlines are coming up quick and since this semester flew by I’d better get started sooner rather than later. All in all I’m very excited to see what I can do in Broadcasting. Coming into the semester, I was really hoping that these courses would me to narrow down my options as far as what position I would like in the broadcast world. Yet, I found something even better. I found that no matter what position, I still love to create something for the public that is important at the time, no matter the position I am in. If it were to be talent I am hired at a job for, that’s great. If it were a producer position that I am hired for as well, that would be equally exciting. At this point, I’m just glad that I wasn’t turned off by news by the end of the semester. While I still do have one semester left in my undergraduate degree here at Lindenwood University, I have the rest of my life to find out exactly what about Broadcast that I love so much. And that’s okay with me.

Last time; Reporting for LUTV News  I’m Dennise Ramirez.

Our final picture at the desk together!!
Our final picture at the desk together!!

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