Lindenwood Synchronized Swimmer makes National team

This story was published for LUTV News..

Lindenwood synchronized swimming has a roster full of Olympians and national team members. Most recently Aly Haylor helped make that list just a little bit longer. She tried out and made the US national team one squad in synchronized swimming. This national team squad is USA’s hope for the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.

Aly's National Team Photo
Aly’s National Team Photo

She currently swims for Lindenwood University. She was a freshman last year when the team won the national title. Aly says she chose Lindenwood after all,

“Up until a few years ago I didn’t even think about collegiate synchro and then Lindenwood gave me this great opportunity to come on a huge scholarship and swim for them.”

Aly is no stranger to national teams. During her synchro career she has made five national teams, two of them being national team one. She actually made team one her first time at just 15 years old. One Aly’s fans, Toma Ikonnykova explains what helps set her apart.

“Everytime I come here (the pool) to help she catches my eye a lot and I think she’s very motivating for the rest of the girls.”

Aly at practice
Aly at practice

A duet was only present at the 2012 Olympics including one of our own swimmer at Lindenwood, Mary Killman. But Aly is determined to change that and one of her coaches, Reem Abdalazem told us why.

“Aly has always been the risk taker. When she puts a goal in front of her and when she wants to accomplish something or do something she goes for it and she’s blinded by everything else. That’s what makes her so special because she really doesn’t stop.”

Yes Aly made the first cut but it doesn’t stop there. She has a long road ahead of her and helps explain what exactly it is that she has to look forward to.

“We train six days a week. Ten to twelve hours a day. It’s on land it’s in the water, its rigorous it’s long. It’s an outdoor pool so you’re in the sun all day. And that’s what’s in store for me for the next year and a half”

USA Synchro Logo
USA Synchro Logo

Aly will continue to swim for Lindenwood through the 2015 season. She plans to join the national team in the summer up until the 2016 Olympics.


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