Venezuelan Currency Problems- Cadivi

This story was published for LUTV News…

Venezuela is country that has been in an economic crisis for years. International students from Venezuela are beginning to see the consequences of an unstable government.

Money Exchange
Money Exchange

Venezuelan students are having trouble receiving money from their home country. Most of the problem lies with Cadivi, the Venezuelan currency exchange. As the government in Venezuela becomes more unstable Lindenwood University’s International Offices said the corporation is becoming more difficult to work with.

Cadivi's online homepage
Cadivi’s online homepage

Yet Lindenwood students like Sandro Perrino said Lindenwood needs to work with them more on an individual level.

“They say if we want them to go through each one of us individually and give us the proper documentation, it would take them a long time to do it… And what’s the problem with that?”

Yet, that isn’t so easy to do says another Venezuelan student, Napo Salazr,

“It’s kind of a complex problem because from the Lindenwood standpoint you want to standardize this for efficiency purposes. But when you come to this kind of process it’s not easy because every single student has a different question.”

With students unable to receive money it makes their future pretty uncertain. Lindenwood student Carmen Salazar worries that might be the case for some students in the future.

International Students Office
International Students Office

“I’m not sure what is going to happen to students who are coming next semester or those who are still here in Lindenwood and have two or three years left.”

Perrino adds that he believes they should be given more attention to.

“You know, i mean we are paying tuition, we are paying to stay here, and we are paying our careers. That’s the least that they can do to try and help us reach our goals and dreams you know.”

A Lindenwood business office representative didn’t want to be interviewed but added that it has been a difficult situation but its doing their best to fulfill the needs of all the students.


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